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Virtual Assistant Services

Hello There!

Welcome to my Virtual Assistant services, your all-in-one solution to efficiently enhance your business without the need to hire additional staff members.With a diverse skill set and a commitment to excellence, I offer a wide range of services to cater to your business needs:
  1. 1. General Admin: Let me handle the day-to-day administrative tasks, organizing schedules, managing emails, and keeping things running smoothly.
  3. 2. Social Media Management: Elevate your online presence with my expertise in social media management. From content curation to engaging with your audience, I’ve got you covered.
  5. 3. Social Media Graphics and Content Writing: Capture attention with visually appealing graphics and compelling content tailored to your brand and target audience.
  7. 4. Inbox Management: Stay on top of your emails effortlessly as I efficiently manage and prioritize your inbox.
  9. 5. Event Planning: Take the stress out of event organization as I handle the logistics, ensuring your events run seamlessly.
  11. 6. Website Support Services: Discover the convenience of my website support services. As a Virtual Assistant, I offer seamless assistance in various aspects of your online store. From adding products and updating descriptions to managing inventory and images, I’ve got you covered. With my expertise in SEO optimization, rest assured your website will reach its full potential.
By entrusting me as your Virtual Assistant, you gain a dedicated partner who will save you time and enable you to focus on your core business tasks. Embrace the freedom to grow and succeed without the added overhead of hiring a full-time staff member. Let’s collaborate and take your business to new heights!

There's a package here to suit everyone!


€300 per month

10 Hours per month / 2.5 per week
Provide 1-2 keys services
Monthly Catch up call
Suitable for small business owners who need a helping hand


€425 per month

15 hours per month / 3.45 hours per week
Key services depending on clients needs
Monthly catch up call
Suitable for businesses with no time for repetitive tasks


€575 per month

20 hours per month / 5 hours per week
2-3 Key services
Monthly catch up call
Ideal for growing businesses in need of regular support


€35 per hour

Perfect for that once off task or project.
Minimum 2 hours
Discovery Call

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